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Joe Stidman reviewed K3 Martial Arts
via Facebook

When we signed my daughter up, she was lacking focus and respect. She has gained so much in a short period of time and we have the instructors at dragon star to thank. We love having her there and she loves attending. I recommend them to everyone.

Isaac Vallee reviewed K3 Martial Arts
via Facebook

They make every class FUN for the kids while instilling such great and practical life lessons. Both of my kids have learned so much in just a few months.

Shari Bazinet reviewed K3 Martial Arts
via Facebook

We highly recommend K3 Martial Arts to any one looking to put their Son or Daughter in an enthusiastic, positive, high energy, constructive, fun, educational program that helps kids become amazing adults!!! The staff is amazing!!! Go K3! You Rock!!

Kon-El Kent reviewed K3 Martial Arts
via Facebook

About 5 months ago, I finally found a studio that was the right fit for me. It was love at first jab/cross punches. I was able to find Team Dragon Star through google. I checked out the website and saw the special (there are great summer specials happening now. I filled out the info online and paid with my card,I received a call to make an appointment for my class. I made it to class. Before my first Krav Maga class, I watched students walk into the room with no belts and students with yellow or orange belts. They belts looked pretty I wanted to have one made just specially for me. As I observed the students warming up and stretching, I noticed that everyone is a different ethnicity and most importantly the class was full of different ages. You’ve got a teenager taking the class with her 40 something year old father. Retired individuals. You’ve got a few young kids from their teens all the way to students that all in their late 50s and early 60s. Sounds scary but they had to have started somewhere just like everyone to matter what socioeconomic background you came from this Dojo does not discriminate anyone because of their size, gender, color and age. we are all treated the same from our instructors.

The class itself was amazing. Now I was a runner a few years ago. I ate healthy, worked out 5-6 times a week, trained for half marathons that I did every few months. That was when I was certified as a personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise. I had all the advantages I could think out of. That was 1.5 years ago. I felt a little confident. It was quite a challenge for me since it's been months since the last time I ran around the block. My breathing was hard, sweat was coming down my face into my eyes but these was pains of awesomeness.

We were pushed and I thought if these students can do it I can too. Johnny our head instructor introduced himself to me before class and reminded me that I know my own body and if I should stop (not quit) I could. During the class the students were encouraging and gave a lot of pep talk during moves we had to do. Great group of people. I did it was my first thought after the first session of Krav Maga. It amazingly challenging. Getting through the first class made me more hungry for the next class.

Lilly Licon Mollart reviewed K3 Martial Arts
via Facebook

OUTSTANDING PROGRAM!! After one lesson we were convinced this was the right program for our children. K3 Martial Arts provides constant motivation and encouragement. We love how Sensei Johnny and the other instructors incorporate humour in their lesson which makes for a stress free environment. We are constantly amazed with the progress both our children are making. They love the program as much as we do!

Jr Umayam reviewed K3 Martial Arts
via Facebook

I have been doing Krav for several years now and done the system in southern California and about a year ago moved to the area and found K3 Krav Maga. From day 1, sensei and various instructors are very welcoming. I have my son that's in purple black belt currently and have noticed a tremendous progression on his skills and personality as a 10 year old boy. Also, I love the system and would like my son to grow into it and pursue until black belt and continue to grow with the program. It has given my son self confidence and a better view of various disciplines in life. K3 ensure that the kids have fun and they always have entertaining programs throughout the year.Also, I highly recommend K3 for both children and adults

Morgan Potts reviewed K3 Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son started at K3 when he was 4.5 years old. Now he is 5 and a purple belt. This has show him respect, confident and disciplined. I recommend anyone to bring their son/daughter to K3 and watch them evolve into young kids/adults. This was the best decision I ever made.

Heather Flanagan Cross reviewed K3 Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son started at K3 in Feb of '16 and in this short period we have witnessed his confidence, focus, discipline, and motivation improve dramatically. Everyone involved (both instructors and students) is encouraging and the program is challenging... We see tremendous growth each time he tests for a new stripe and pride in his accomplishments as he earns each new belt. We are so pleased with our decision to go with K3.

Jared Morales reviewed K3 Martial Arts
via Facebook

I am a helicopter parent for sure. I have spent a lot of time at K3 with an after school program as well as martial arts and witness their programs from start to finish.

Their martial arts programs are top notch and the sensei's are all very good with the kids. After school activities include an excellent mindful meditation class with a very talented leader and many supervised activities including karaoke and a bouncy house for the kids. I would definitely recommend to any parent or child to get involved!

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Our latest news & thoughts

The Effective After School Program


Martial Arts: The Effective After School Program

 A parent’s work schedule never really syncs up perfectly with his/her child’s school

schedule. As school lets out for the day, parents are usually wondering what options

are in place for them to place their children in until they are out of work. Plus, they

want to be able to put their children in programs that going to benefit the child

versus sending them to a relative to watch television all afternoon. They might go to

tutoring, but that activity can only benefit them on an academic level. If parents are

looking for an effective, all-around activity, then they should consider placing their

children in a martial arts after school program. In doing so, parents will begin to see

great growth and benefits in their children.


Provides Great Education – Discipline and Responsibility

Just because the school bell rang, it does not mean that a child has to stop receiving

educational content in an after school program. Martial arts teaches kids how to be

disciplined and responsible. The routines associated with martial arts require

precision and practice in order to perfect the stances and activities. Students are also

required to upkeep their uniforms and belts. They are taught to respect the instructor

as well as one another. This type of conditioning in the class allows students to

become more mature and responsible. Building this foundation at a young age will

produce healthy habits as they grow into teenagers and soon after, adults.


Can be a Place to Make Friends

Children can find it very difficult to make new friends. They may feel uncomfortable

in the process and sometimes feel rejected for being what is considered to be

“normal” in the school social worlds. Kids can be harsh and when a child is exposed to

negative social settings, it can be traumatizing for the rest of their lives. The good

thing about putting a child in martial arts is that he/she will get the chance to easily

make friends in the program. The other children in the class already share a common

interest with one another: martial arts. They all understand the routines and the

disciplines behind the activity. Sharing the same mindset allows children within the

class to become friends easier and support one another. There are also routines that

involve students working with a partner which is a great way to foster teamwork and



Encourages and Provides Physical Strength and Fitness

Especially in America, more and more children are becoming obese because of the

lack of exercise and poor nutrition. Martial arts after school programs offer a great

way for children to practice physical fitness every single day. There are warm-up

routines that help students center their thoughts and stretch to prevent injuries.

Then, the remaining routines build their muscle and promote great posture. The

students are able to become physically strong which is not only good for their bodies

but their minds as well. This is because they build a sense of self-confidence as they

see their strength grow. They also learn great methods of self-defense, which is ideal

for any person of any age.


Finding an after school program that provides a multitude of benefits for a child can

be difficult. Martial arts classes are a great option as they can give a child an

education that no other activity ever could. It gives a child benefits that affect their

minds and bodies, all at the same time. It teaches children to become responsible and

matures, traits that cannot be matched by any other program.